It’s no secret that teens are keen and able users of this internet.

It’s no secret that teens are keen and able users of this internet.

And with the continued growth and ever evolving trends in social networking and social media it seems like things aren’t set to improve anytime when you l k at the future that is near.

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A survey that is recent because of the Australian Communications and Media Authority revealed that almost all eight to 17 year-olds had accessed the web within the last a month, with numbers showing 95 per cent use involving the 8 to 11 12 months olds, and 100 % usage between the 16-17 year olds.

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An 86 percent usage amongst the 14-15 12 months olds and a 92 % usage between the 16-17 year olds while the significant reasons for internet use were the exact same across all age groups, it was quite apparent that the usage of social media remained among the top motives for young adolescents to be using the pc, because of the break down of numbers reflecting a 69 % usage amongst the 12 -13 year olds.

Even though in most of those adolescents the key social media internet sites which offer possibility to fulfill people remain the likes of Faceb k, MySpace, Twitter and Instagram, there is certainly a little emergence of teenagers, as early as 13, who will be now including connect up, chat r ms, and internet dating sites to those who they visit.

MyLOL is certainly one such dating this is certainly online that is marketed as “G gle’s no. 1 dating website for Teens”, with the absolute minimum age requirement of 14, whilst another is Teenspot, that provides forums because of its people entitled “singles”, “flirting” and “hottub”. Devamını Oku